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Revealing the Hidden Light

The state of realizing a dream is like breaking through the barrier. However, there is another way to overcome the obstacle without entering a mental state of belief that we can walk through it. This state is reaching a state of spiritual awareness in which we are already on the other side.


In Hassidism we find two concepts of energy. The first is compared to light that emits from a source of light or energy that emanates from a specific source, and projects itself to another location.  The second kind of revelation is when energy that always existed in a totally concealed manner suddenly reveals itself in a flash without seeming to come from anywhere.  This is similar to the idea of reaching the rectification of the covenant, which cannot be achieved, yet it already exists in a totally concealed manner, and it spontaneously comes back to life.


This may seem to be an amazing idea, however, modern Quantum Physics has recognized that similar phenomena occur frequently in physical reality. From this comparison to Quantum physics we can learn that in order to reach this state of spontaneous energy revelation, one must become as small as the elementary particle in which the quantum leap takes place. If one becomes small enough, then one is no longer considered physical at all, one becomes a spiritual entity. A certain famous physicist stated that electrons are not objects.  Although they have physical mass they have no physical limitations Thus by considering oneself as infinitely tiny, one is already on the other side,” as it were, and the hidden light, which has always existed in potential, becomes revealed spontaneously.

This can be compared to living in a dream state in which we are actually in a different sphere altogether. People join this spiritual state of mind by connecting to the spontaneous light, and although they seem to be living, sleeping and eating in the present world, they are actually living in a different world altogether. One could call it a “shadow government.” For the people who reach this level, the Israeli government does not exist. Once enough people join this spiritual level of awareness, creating a “critical mass” within the shadow government, the light emanated will be so great that it will totally outshine all of present existence and will thus be revealed to the whole world. There will obviously be great resistance from the spiritual shells and they will fight back in their own way, sensing that their end is near, but God will help, and the shells will gradually disappear. This idea, however, is merely a dream.


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