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Table of Contents

Yesod: War or Peace

Each one of the sefirot has a pair of opposites related to its unrectified and rectified states. The pair of opposites related to the two states of yesod, pegam habrit and tikun habrit, are “war and peace.”

This means that the function of yesod in particular is war or peace. This is because the war is the war over the covenant and peace occurs when rectification has occurred. One illustration of this is from the world of marriage, the covenant between man and wife, and the concept of marital peace and harmony. On the day that God created Adam, He gave him his wife, Eve, “as a helpmate opposite him.” Our sages explain that this apparently contradictory phrase means that if a man is worthy, through rectification of his sexual desires, then his wife acts as his helpmate and there is peace and mutual cooperation between the couple. The way to achieve marital harmony is by each partner thinking only of the other’s best interests, just as we hope that by concentrating totally on doing God’s will, He in turn will do the best for us.12

However, if he does not merit this state of marital harmony and peace by his self-rectification, his wife “opposes him in battle.” We have thus identified the opposing qualities of rectification or remaining unrectified, of war or peace, in the creation of man and woman on the sixth day of creation. War and peace are the pair of opposites that relate to the sefirah of yesod, the sixth sefirah.

By taking this example and expanding it to a world-wide scale, we can see that as long as the world has not yet reached the rectified state of tikun habrit, there can be no opportunity for peace to prevail.

A Week of Chaotic Energies

As stated, the creation of the world preceded the creation of man by six days, beginning with the twenty-fifth of Elul. What then is the significance of the days that precede this date?

According to the Arizal there is a week of creation that precedes the week that begins with the twenty-fifth of Elul, the week of creation as we know it. The week that begins on the twenty-fifth of Elul begins the creation of the worlds of Emanation and the three worlds that emanate from it, as they presently exist. However, The Arizal states that there was a primordial world that preceded this world, called “the World of Chaos.” On each day that this World of Chaos existed, one king reigned, and on the very day that he reigned, he died. The names of these seven kings are recorded in the Torah.

In the World of Chaos, kingdoms rise, collapse and die very rapidly, one after the other. The reason for this rapid rise and fall is since the energy is so great in the World of Chaos, and the vessels so fragile, that they cannot contain the energy and they break under the strain. The shattering of the vessels results in the death of the king.

We can illustrate this phenomenon from the history of this world in which each kingdom may be represented by a political system or philosophy. For instance, communism rose and subsequentially fell because it is not the true rectification. This is true of any other political system, whether it be communism, democracy, or capitalism. (According to this, the world must advance through seven different political ideologies, each of which desires to spread world-wide in a supposed attempt to perfect the world. However, since each ideology is essentially imperfect, they rise, fall, and die.) In the World of Chaos the energy is so great and the vessels so immature that the vessels break.

The purpose of this world, the World of Tikun, rectification, is to take the untamed energies of the World of Chaos and contain them in vessels that are mature enough to hold them without shattering.

The first day of the week that precedes twenty-fifth of Elul is the 18th of Elul, “Chai Elul.” This is the birthday of the founder of Hassidism in general, the Ba’al Shem Tov and the founder of Chabad Hassidism, the Alter Rebbe. It is certainly very significant that the 18th of Elul is the birthday of these two great Rebbes, because this alludes to their power to rectify the chaotic energies of the first king by containing them in rectified vessels. [The king of the 18th of Elul is called Bela ben Beor and he corresponds to the sefirah of da’at in the World of Chaos. Da’at is the initial sefirah, from which the seven levels of chesed through malchut emanate, therefore if da’at is rectified, the rectification of all the other sefirot will follow.]

As such, Hassidism comes to take all the tremendous, infinite energy and all the spiritual resources that have been lost or wasted, as will be explained, and bring them back for the service of God. By bringing that power back, the world will reach its final goal, the coming of the Messiah and true peace for all of humanity.


12. We recommend Rabbi Ginsburgh’s book, “The Mystery of Marriage” for an in-depth discussion of how to achieve true marital harmony.


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