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The Communication Sciences Department


Yesod (yisod, foundation) is the power to actualize one's latent creative potential. In Kabbalah, Yesod is the instrument of our procreative energy. This energy seeks an intimate connection with oneself and others. The Communication of one's thoughts and feelings represents the beginning of self-actualization. Healthy, effective Communication establishes the power to influence others in positive ways, and thereby shapes public opinion in accordance to the truth of the Torah.

The power of Yesod creates the foundation for a meaningful expression in communication and the media.

Articles available on Communication Sciences:

Accessing Infinite Energy (based on a lecture by Rabbi Yitzchak Ginsburgh)

Terrorism is meant by its propagators as an atrocious form of communication. In this article we explore a constructive response to the events of September 11th. We learn that the true way to battle terrorism and the dwindling of human life and energy that it wishes to enact, is by releasing—as revealed to us in the teachings of Kabbalah and Chassidut—our infinite creative energies.

Kabbalah and Telepathy

A husband starts to tell something to his wife and she says what he had in mind. The phone rings and the person receiving the call accurately predicts the identity of the caller before reaching the phone. This type of communication is often called telepathy, which a dictionary defines as communication between minds by extrasensory means.

A recent opinion poll found that 36% of the American people believe that telepathy is a real phenomenon, but many scientists argue passionately against the existence of telepathy as a verifiable fact. On the other hand, a search in a scientific database retrieves many scientific papers on telepathy, with titles such as Videotaped experiments on telephone telepathy and Five experiments on telepathic communication of emotions. In one of these scientific studies, undergraduate college students engaged in an exercise in telepathy in which the color of cards was sent to them by the experimenter under different conditions. Then, of course, there are the professional diviners that, for a fee, claim to be able to read thoughts, and the past life of a client.

The Communication Sciences Department of the Torah Science Foundation is pleased to present an article on Kabbalah and Telepathy. This remarkable study describes telepathy in ways that are fundamentally different from the scientific papers mentioned above. Kabbalah describes telepathy on the basis of specific properties of the soul. We learn that the soul has three garments, thought, speech and action, and that thought is the most powerful of the three. Hassidic philosophy and practice teaches ways to purify the thought. We also learn that a person with pure thoughts can receive and transmit them. At the highest level of purification, a thought can elicit a direct effect on reality.

Methodological tools that bridge the conceptual domains of the Torah and science are evolving rapidly. We hope and trust that a methodology that makes it possible to explore the properties of the soul with scientific paradigms will soon emerge.


The Hebrew Language

One of the main focuses in modern computer science is information processing and management. Gathering and retrieving relevant information is probably the most significant point of outset in almost any project that the modern professional or layman may undertake and it becomes imperative that the retrieval process quickly and efficiently find accurate sources that precisely serve his purposes. To this end there are many information management theories currently available. The prophets have already promised that in the future there will come an era of peace on earth in which all nations will speak one language. In Hebrew the term the prophet uses is sapha berura, a clear language. Language is something far broader than mere words. As we can see from the term "body language," the actions we perform and the way we move our hands is all a form of communication. In the future all the nations of the earth will speak, think and act out one clear, rectified language. Clearly, this language is the Hebrew language, which we are taught in the Torah and in Kabbalah is the language that God used to create the world. Unlike other languages, Hebrew, the ancient and holy language of the Bible, is the only completely logically structured language and it therefore presents us with an ideal model for organizing information and meaning.


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