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    Dr. Tsvi Victor Saks

    Ph.D. Mathematics 1972
    M.S. Computer Science 1985

    Currently working as a Computer Scientist for IBM in Pittsburgh, PA.

    I grew up in a quite assimilated Jewish home and became Torah observant thank G-d as an adult. I perceive very deep relationships between mathematics and Torah, especially Hassidus and Kabbalah.

    The subject matter of my Ph.D. thesis and subsequent pure mathematical research is point set topology, perhaps described in English as abstract infinite space. This field has no connection with the world and seemingly had no possible application. I left my position as a professor of mathematics in a university at the age of 30 and with G-d's help began studying Torah full-time. It was then that I first was taught the description of the creation as being composed of infinitely many spiritual worlds, which go through infinite transformations in a process which culminates in the existence of the physical world. Realizing that Hassidus is the actual application of my pure mathematical research in abstract infinite space was incredibly awesome and completely unexpected. Since then I have devoted a significant amount of time and energy exploring the deep interaction between mathematical infinity and Hassidus. The greatest influence on this work is the Lubavitcher Rebbe, who also reveals the importance of unifying Hassidus and secular knowledge towards bringing Moshiah. I have attempted to incorporate the Rebbe's teachings in my life, in my research, in the papers I have written and the speeches I have given internationally.

    Some publications:

    1. Ultrafilter Invariants in Topological Spaces, Transactions of the American Mathematical Society 241, 1978
    2. A New Technique Enables Dynamic Replanning and Rescheduling of Aeromedical Evacuation, The AI Magazine, 1999
    3. Applications of Mathematical Infinity on Jewish Philosophy, in Fusion, ed. Arnie Gotfryd, Feldheim 1990,
    4. On the Nature of Truth in Mathematics, B'Or Ha'Torah IXE 1995
    5. Different Levels of Infinity in Torah and Mathematics, B'Or Ha'Torah, to appear

    email: tsvi@us.ibm.com

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